Peggy Sage Hot Depilatory Wax Tablets 1kg Rose

18.20 /l

Dehydrated and sensitive skin
These tablets of depilatory wax containing natural resins and bee’s wax are for use hot at a temperature of between 40° and 45°C. This wax is stripless and is for spatula application.
Before spreading the wax on the area to be depilated please ensure it has cooled to the consistency of a moderately dense mixture. Once the wax has cooled, pull it off firmly and sharply in the opposite direction to the hair growth. Then apply a post-depilation oil or milk to remove wax residue from the skin.
This wax results in clean, long-term depilation that will last for 3 to 4 weeks.
Unlike other waxes, it can also be re-used after hair filtration in an appropriate device.
1 kg – rose – with titanium dioxide

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