Mr.Natty Men’s Skincare 75ml

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MrNatty Men’s skincare
* Anti-Aging
* Anti-pollution
* Rejuvenating
* Purifying

Our Urban Protection Factor (UPF) helps to protect and purify skin from the perils of city pollution. Made with natural ingredients our unique formulation of Swiss cress, lettuce and cucumber cools, calms and soothes the skin and helps prevent the visible aging process. Vitamin E is used to protect your skin with its antioxidant properties. This fragrance free, non-greasy moisturiser contains micro clays to absorb and reduce the appearance of oily skin and pores.
With Natural Ingredients
No parabens
No microbeads
No animal testing


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Natty Does:

Put a little dab of cream in your palm, rub together gently and apply to your face and neck. Make sure it is evenly applied. Making our moisturiser required science. Putting it on your face doesn’t.


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